Collection of timber houses

Collection of Pagano’s timber homes

“Some of the examples of our timber home and villa collection”

Throughout our firm’s history, we have often received comments saying that our structures are exclusively accessible to wealthy buyers. We are aware of the fact our structures are of the most costly and luxurious creations available on the international market today. As per every product that can be define for its excellency, the high costs derive from the very high quality production value as the attention to details, perfection, advanced technology and especially the uniqueness of the projects and designs, can not be subject to compromises.

This is how the Pagano Collection is born…..

A special creation of timber homes is created on the basis of the excellence of our product; in which refined construction materials, the technology and the uniqueness of design are used for each Pagano creation. We have given all of our 50 years experience to get to the creation of primary models made in our factory in a standard way depending on the sizes, but attributing multiple variations depending on the tastes and needs of each client. Obtaining therefore, structures that maintain the maximum quality standards of and that can be offered with more advantageous prices. All you are left to do is to explore our collection of examples and choose the structure on the basis of the m2  that most interest you.
You will have the opportunity to create numerous variations with us in our offices, and create the home you have always wanted: Your Pagano Home.