Sustainable Construction Site

What does building a sustainable construction site mean? And, most importantly, why define it as sustainable? Pagano has exported and erected its structures to different parts of the world – islands, golf villages and protected areas too. In all these sites the prerequisite of zero environmental impact was expected. This acted as a continuous stimulus for the company to leave only a positive impression.

The fact that houses arrive finished from the Pagano factory and are placed onto the foundation platforms directly from the containers, does not affect the environment at all; energy costs during the assembly are minimal and irrelevant. The whole construction site (which among other things generally has a very limited duration) moves simply, without scaffolding and with only a few small supports, achieving optimal management of both materials and labour force.

Pagano construction sites are extreme. The installation speed and the working procedures are the same even during weather conditions that might appear extreme, such as the cold Russian winters or the heat of the desert. Commercial and logistical solutions are studied according to the site’s location and the best options are always found thanks to the great flexibility that the Pagano system offers.

This makes a Pagano structure flexible and suitable for replacing traditional constructive systems even in complex locations such as luxury hotels, or hotels with exclusive locations worldwide unsuitable for traditional construction sites.