In Harmony With Nature

"Harmony with nature in a Pagano house is conceived with special attention to environmental sustainability. The concept of sustainability arises in the context of forestry and natural sciences, and is quite accurate: the use of natural resources is sustainable if the amount we take from nature does not exceed the regeneration capacity of the resource itself. Therefore, the concept is closely linked to the limits on the use of a natural resource. In the forestry sector, sustainable management of a forest or woods envisages that the amount of wood taken from the forest does not adversely affect the ability of the forest to regenerate. In addition to the over exploitation or resources, another threat to the environment comes in various forms of pollution that directly or indirectly reduce the capacity of ecosystems to regenerate. The right balance should be and can be that to create a synergy between sustainability and business. The Pagano family and Pagano company have always adopted a management philosophy based on the fusion and unity with nature. Respect for the places where we work, where we live, where we raise our children, the beauty of the places we choose together with our clients to develop our structures are a daily evidence of our approach. But even more so is our business philosophy as a whole – from the selection of wood, energy savings, installation of photovoltaic systems on factories, everything is an ethical choice to respect and protect the environment. The roots of our family lie in Nature. As entrepreneurs and human beings we must guarantee to ourselves and to future generations a better quality of life as a specific choice of freedom, towards a new concept of the future."

Arch. Enzo Pagano