Energy efficiency

In Italy, 30% of the energy costs depend on our homes; these are responsible for about 27% of the national greenhouse gas emissions. The Pagano houses represent a positive example of environmental responsibility for both those who build them and those who buy them, and are a concrete demonstration of how very possible it is today to reduce environmental impacts, without giving up on comfort, change, and quality of life, if not to improve it. Luxury and eco-sustainability with Pagano are fused together for the development of dream homes, built with total respect of the natural environment. For over 10 years, Pagano has been offering to its clients class A buildings, fully self-sufficient from an energy point of view and/or with energetic consumption rates significantly reduced, which opposite to the more traditional homes, guarantee a significant reduction of gas emissions (particularly carbon dioxide).


The outer walls are 250mm thick and are made with loadbearing panels made-up of five layers (in addition to the eventual finishing external layers). The panels are fixed peripherally on the lamellate timber loading structure. Their composition and assembly system have been studied in the most finest of detail so to guarantee their maximum resistance and a high thermal insulation coefficient. The particular characteristics of the panels are that of including the eventual external finishing layer (the prestigious Iroko wood) within its structure.


The thermal insulation glass is formed of more layers put together with the interposing of plastic and metal materials, specifically studied to obtain a cavity of air in between the layers. A dedicated plastic seal along the perimeter stops the flow of air with the first external environment. The total thickness of the cavity, sealed on a rubber and aluminium frame, add-up to be 44mm which together with the perfect water and air-tightness of the windows closures guarantee high thermal and noise insulation.


The structure has been designed to contain, within the laminated beams themselves, vertical and horizontal ducts within which feed conduits for all of the home’s wiring are placed. “My Home”, b-Ticino’s home automation system is used because of its ability to support high-tech functions and applications for comfort, security, energy saving, communication and control. Every single finished wall contains part of the electrical system and his final devices (plates, switches, sockets, corrugated pipes, wires and junction boxes that receive power from the main electrical backbones). The structure is planned for the installation of the B-Ticino “Axolute” series with bronze colour plates (BR code).


The structure is prepared for installation of heat-adiating floors, with pipes situated directly in the floorboards. Floors thus equipped have temperatures of approximately 26-27 °C. This activates a radiative heat exchange mechanism that brings the entire structure to temperatures close to 22-24 °C. As a result, the human body finds itself enclosed in a “warm envelope” with innumerable advantages in terms of both comfort and energy savings.