Tested And Certified Raw Materials

Pagano, Tested And Certified Raw Materials

The wood used by Pagano comes from sustainably managed forests, where tree cutting is thoroughly checked and approved in advance in order to ensure re-growth of new plants. The wood used by Pagano is FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council). 

FSC certification is the main guarantee system for wood or paper origin. An international certification system ensures that raw materials used to produce a wooden or paper item comes from forests meeting strict environmental, social and economic requirements.

FSC was established in 1993 and among its members, there are environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, consumer groups, forest owners, technicians and certification agencies, primary timber processing companies, transformation and marketing timber industries. All of them work together to improve management of forest resources worldwide. About the materials used to treat wood, we would like to emphasise that the treatments are never made ​​with toxic or polluting substances. There are no toxic emissions during the entire production cycle, the placement of the structure and especially during the use of the produced structure.


No other building material requires so little energy to produce it. Trees grow on their own and continuously, with nothing more than CO2, water and sunlight. Forestry helps forests through careful tending and planned usage; regular thinning out practices create light and space for young plants and keeps the forest’s dynamic structure stable.


Ecological paints are an excellent solution, which Pagano have been using for years. Use of eco- friendly and natural paint is also a way to reduce domestic pollution, which often surrounds us in our own homes in the form of volatile toxic emissions. All this has become possible thanks to the many years of research. For this reason, Pagano company offers only thoroughly tested products. Technology and ecology are indeed the cornerstones of the company.


The glue used is a totally natural product . During each production step, it meets all the biocompatibility parameters and environmental requirements certified by the strictest international institutes – a real guarantee for those who care for our planet.