Eco-Friendly House By Pagano

Pagano - Eco-Friendly House By Pagano

Pagano offers an option to install any kind of heating system in their structures: photovoltaic system, geothermal system and many more. During the design phase, Pagano takes into consideration not only architectural shape, luxury materials and design; but also climatic factors that will have an impact on the building.

Depending on the site’s climatic conditions and architectural features of the house, we study the best energy saving solutions in an attempt to optimise every resource and improve the living conditions of its residents. Different technologies interact with different climatic and environmental factors in order to reduce negative impact on the environment and achieve greater savings and energy efficiency. Costs of running a Pagano home are greatly reduced thanks to the use of home automation and under floor heating. Windows with triple-glazed insulating glass make it possible to obtain excellent results, both in terms of reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Eco-sustainability of the Pagano buildings is also guaranteed by sustainable methods of construction site management aimed to save energy.