Press release_ Pagano, leader in wood construction sector, takes legal action against the plagiarism of his brand

Pagano News

<p> Pagano represents the excellence in the production of wooden houses from more than 3 generations. The elegance, the prestige of the buildings and the technology made it a unique brand in the world. The company grew up in tradition and innovation, opening up to contemporary design developments, remaining faithful to the nature of a noble material such as wood. Thanks to a team of specialized architects and a certified production system, Pagano’s creations are 360 ° architectural artworks. With more than 2,000 clients worldwide and exclusive projects every year, the company has grown internationally especially on European, Nord American and Russian relevant markets, where today it exports the majority of its production. Pagano’s constructions have been chosen by important and prestigious clients in the world, who appreciated Italian design, perfectly integrated with the latest woodworking technologies. Over the last few years, the company has found an increasing and worrying phenomenon of brand plagiarism at an international level, which is growing directly in proportion to the brand's popularity, particularly in the Russian market. Some construction companies, real estate agencies, and online sources uses pictures of structures, references to design and construction processes, to attract customers without being officially distributors and owners, offering products that absolutely cannot be attributed to Pagano. Images are then used without consent and encourage interested customers. There is also a group of unauthorized representatives who pretend to belong to the Pagano sales network, using illicitly the promotional material of the company. The sales office, always attentive to these issues, has over time been able to recognize and remove potential customers who require detailed technical information to try to absorb business know-how unlawfully. “Unfortunately the counterfeiting and abuse of rights on high-end luxury trademarks Made in Italy, such it is Pagano, are issues known also to the Russian market” has declared the prestigious law firm Pavia & Ansaldo assisting Pagano, among the rest, in the legal initiatives aimed at dealing with such situations. In spite of the growing number of plagiarism incidents, Pagano has undertaken and will take all necessary legal actions, anywhere in the world, with the primary goal of protecting its customers and its brand. The company points out that wood processing, the use of valuable essences, technologies and processes used in Pagano constructions are unique and inimitable, as these latter processes are proprietary and inimitable. PAGANO offers a product entirely built in Italy, unique in the "Luxury Houses" market, which is born through an innovative design and a consequent patented production system, always representing the excellence of Made in Italy, whose protection will be pursued any form of plagiarism.