Press release_ Pagano & SNC presents

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Rome 2 October 2017 - The major Russian magazine SNC and the prestigious Pagano company announce the official première of "This House is for Champions in Life".

The mini movie will be presented in Moscow on October 11, 2017 at Cinema Moscow, a prestigious location for a unique event.   The magazine SNC has decided to make history with this campaign dedicated to the Pagano brand.

Two Russian Olympic championships include Angelika Timanina (synchronized swimming) and Margarita Mamun (rhythmic gymnastics) are performing in the movie.

The performance of the champions is conceived as an invitation to all those who want to reach important goals in life, where Villa Pagano represents the perfect environment to inspire these ideals.

The mini movie was filmed in Rome in spring 2017 and followed by an exclusive event organized in the Villa Pagano in honor of the champions, the premiere in Moscow represents the end of this ambitious project involving Pagano and the ACMG publishing group.

During the event, which will host prestigious international guests, will be presented a photographic exhibition dedicated to the back stage of the movie. 

Andrea Paco Pagano, CEO of Pagano and Antonio Alizzi, 1st Vice President of ACMG will attend the event.

This house is for champions in life - Trailer